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Happy Anniversary Melissa and Mike!

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We know that we are a day late but we would like to wish a very Happy Anniversary to Melissa and Mike Seltman! We loved celebrating with you one year ago at Westwood Country Club!

A few of their wedding details captured by Laurie Bracewell Photography

A few of their wedding details captured by Laurie Bracewell Photography

We at Something Fabulous are grateful to work with such sweet, kind and all together lovely clients! We hope that your day was just as fabulous as your wedding day :)

Photographed by Laurie Bracewell Photography

Photographed by Laurie Bracewell Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Whether you are celebrating Gal-entines Day with the ladies, a night in with your love or a night out we are wishing you the very best!Fab Valentine's Day

Inspired By: Moulin Rouge

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Welcome to our new Inspired By series! When we design events, we ask our clients what inspires them. Often they turn to memories and we’ll ask them to bring us tangible pieces of their lives; perhaps an old photograph, a piece of cloth, a song or movie will embody the feelings they’d like to share on their special day.

For our Inspired By series we will be asking Something Fabulous team members as well as friends, clients and colleagues to choose something close to the heart, and drawing on that theme share some of the elements we would use to create an event based on their inspiration.

From Elena Batt, our Brand Content Manager:

With the holidays over, and Valentine’s day still a ways off, the winter doldrums have caught up with me big time. What’s my cure for cabin fever? Art + love = Moulin Rouge! When I need a party, this movie provides it and then some. It has everything I need: Great music, the glamor and grittiness of Paris, lush costumes and colors -  it never fails to get my juices pumping. If I could throw a cabin fever party, it would look a little something like this:

LOVE sign, $380 / Satin Button Bouquet, $465 / Crystal-embellished PVC and satin slingbacks, $1,195 /
, $36 /
Cassisviolette Macaron, $31 per dozenStar-shaped Sugars, $21 / Lipstick, $19

What gets you feeling french and fancy? We’d love to hear from you!

Add some punch to your next gathering!

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Entertaining guests over the holidays? Skip the eggnog and impress them by serving punch! Try this quick & easy recipe, you can experiment with different kinds of juice or substitute your favorite brand of bubbly for the sparkling grape juice.

What’s your favorite holiday punch recipe? We’d love to hear from you! Cheers!

New York Bridal Week & The Martha Stewart Party oh my!!

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International Bridal Week and New York City, on their own each of these two things excite me and put a little pep in my step…. Together they are AMAZING and keep me glowing for days! Today’s Fashion Forward Friday is a recap of my week in “the City”. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed taking them! New fashion, old and new friends AND LOTS of new inspiration.

The view of New York City from the Penthouse of the London Hotel.

Sareh Nouri wedding gowns waiting for the next showing.

A lovely Sareh Nouri dress.

An intricate sash embellishes this beautiful Sareh Nouri gown.

A stunning Enchanted Atelier necklace.

I enjoyed talking millinery fashions with the fabulous Melissa Bolin, founder of Kitty Andrews Millinery

It was a full house at the Martha Stewart Party!

Who doesn’t like a bedazzled white pizza?

One of the many stations at the Martha Party. Mini-manicure anyone?

Sandy Patangay designed this amazing wedding cake – Creme Delicious is just that!

I had a wonderful time and came home with notebooks full of ideas and a camera full of great photos. I can’t wait to share more about my travels to New York and the amazing designers & inspiring trends we have to look forward to this coming year.

Manpil, chay pa lou. Translation: Many hands make the load lighter.

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As the month of Thanksgiving approaches, we are humbled by the many things, opportunities and friends for which we are grateful.

On November 1st, we have the honor of joining our dear friend Nicole Wolf in a debut event for Up From Under.

We will let the videos tell the story.

Up from Under exists to break the barrier between those in need and those who desire to serve. Whether building homes, providing refuge, or empowering those in need to rise stronger, Up from Under believes when the value of one life is understood, change can begin.


“We—me and you—are strong and courageous. We can withstand what life throws our way.  But we are bravest when we stand beside another—lending strength to the weak. We are fullest when we empty ourselves to another—even a perfect stranger. In these moments: When we lift up, support, and encourage, true change begins—in our spirit, in their lives”. – Nicole Wolf

It’s the month of Thanksgiving.  We would love for you to join us!

Click here for ticket information or to donate. We thank you!

Top Tent Tips for Your Next Great Outdoor Party

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No matter the season or the occasion you can always celebrate with a tent party! Check out our expert tips below to get you started on planning your next tent event.

Photo by Michael Bennett Kress Photography

1. Selecting the right tent. There are many different style tents so when selecting your tent option keep in mind the atmosphere you are trying to create as well as the number of  guests you will be accommodating. Work with your tent vendor to provide you with a diagram for your space. Often tent rental companies will provide diagrams of how many people each size tent will seat. These diagrams will make sure that you don’t end up with an empty or crowded space.

2. Spray for bugs at least three weeks prior to your event. You want your guests to be buzzing about your event not the uninvited guests. Most pest control companies now have an organic option. Whether you choose to do it on your own or hire a pest control specialist MTB Pest Control. Spraying is always a good idea!

3.  Make sure you have adequate means of controlling the temperature. If your event is in the colder months you should look into heaters. If your hosting a summer event make sure to have plenty of fans or air-conditioning units. In addition to keeping your guests cool fans will also help keep bugs away. Classic Party Rentals is located in Metro DC and have these items available for rent.

4. Lighting a tent is absolutely crucial to any tent party and can be key to creating an inviting atmosphere. Overhead lighting is a fun and interesting way to add personality to your tent event, keep in mind when adding lighting from above you’re also increasing your budget.  However, there are many clever ways and great options for lighting these days. From lanterns to LED’s, lighting adds to the atmosphere of an event space and guests will appreciate the extra illumination as the evening progresses.

Photos by Arising Images Photography

5. Try decorating the perimeter and interior of the tent.  Overhead lighting or decor can be labor intensive and therefore costly if you don’t have the right equipment.  String lights or ribbons around a tents perimeter can add a fanciful feel and are easy to connect to power cords.  Decorating in and around the tent can save time and money.  Focus on the details by adding interesting linens and chairs that fit your personal style or furniture and lamps for a little extra effect.

6.  Finally, don’t forget the sidewalls.  Not every tent rental includes sidewalls and not every tent company will remind you of this, but we think it’s a crucial item to have on hand.  Whether you are blocking wind, rain or trying to keep the air or heat in.  The few extra bucks you may be charged will make the few bucks you’ve already spent go a little further in keeping your event space exactly how you want it. Dry, comfortable and fabulous!

We would love to hear about your last event! Send us your favorite snapshots from your last tent party!

Fashion Forward Friday: Honeysuckle Hues

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Pantone, the leading expert on color trends, determined honeysuckle to be the 2011 color of the year. We’ve been playing with this color all season.  Check out these great ways to brighten your world with this hot pinkish hue.

Honeysuckle can be easily incorporated into your life we’ve been inspired by many great designs.

Invtations design by Ceci New York, Home decor by Mamo+Parker, Floral Design by Rountree Flowers.

If you are looking to add a little more punch to this already powerful pink pair it with turquoise, these two colors are the perfect combination.  Let us know how you are using honeysuckle and check back later to see the 2012 color of the year!

Fashion Forward Friday: 70′s Glamour

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70′s glamour is everywhere from fashion, home decor to event design. Get your groove on with some of our 70′s hot picks.  Rachel Zoe jumpstarts the trend with the release of her new line this July that includes several wide-legged pantsuits.

The key to nailing this look is to keep in mind key color palettes, avoid the urge for neon and instead look for more earthy colors. Also let that wavy beach hair down and re-discover your favorite maxi-dress so you can hit the streets in style. Don’t let this trend stop at the streets bring it into your home and event design.

Incorporating some vibrant wallpaper or throw pillows are a great way to bring this trend home and make it personal.

Don’t be the only person sport this trend share your great taste with your friends. Gather your gals and host your own 70′s inspired movie event! Break out all the classics and get your groove on with this  playlist that will have you ready to confidently walk the streets in 70′s stlye. Let us know how you are celebrating this trend!

Fashion Forward Friday: Beach Chic

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Summer sun brings some great new additions to your beach bag. Hats and hair accessories are the best way to turn your messy beach hair into something fabulous. Hats are a great way to brighten your beach look as well as keep you safe from those hot rays.

If you are looking for something a little different try some of these sea inspired hair accessories. Barrettes and wraps are and easy way to get that breezy,beautiful beach hair without missing a single wave.

Add the final touch to your beach chic look by learning a new hairstyle. Braids are fun and easy with so many new styles to learn. The fishtail braid is always popular, accent with your favorite head wrap or hat to create your beach chic style.

Celebrate your day off by heading to the beach in style! We’d love to hear some of your favorite beach accessories!


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