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Fashion Forward Friday: 70’s Glamour

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70’s glamour is everywhere from fashion, home decor to event design. Get your groove on with some of our 70’s hot picks.  Rachel Zoe jumpstarts the trend with the release of her new line this July that includes several wide-legged pantsuits.

The key to nailing this look is to keep in mind key color palettes, avoid the urge for neon and instead look for more earthy colors. Also let that wavy beach hair down and re-discover your favorite maxi-dress so you can hit the streets in style. Don’t let this trend stop at the streets bring it into your home and event design.

Incorporating some vibrant wallpaper or throw pillows are a great way to bring this trend home and make it personal.

Don’t be the only person sport this trend share your great taste with your friends. Gather your gals and host your own 70’s inspired movie event! Break out all the classics and get your groove on with this  playlist that will have you ready to confidently walk the streets in 70’s stlye. Let us know how you are celebrating this trend!

Fashion Forward Friday: Bows

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Here at Something Fabulous bows have been tieing up our thoughts. The bow trend which originally began in the Victorian Era is back with a vengence. Check out some of our favorite finds below and send us some of your favorites or post to our Facebook wall! We’d love to hear from you!


Kate Spade

White Dress by Dolce&Gabbana, Handbag by ValentinoJason Wu Design

Fashion Forward Friday: Beach Chic

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Summer sun brings some great new additions to your beach bag. Hats and hair accessories are the best way to turn your messy beach hair into something fabulous. Hats are a great way to brighten your beach look as well as keep you safe from those hot rays.

If you are looking for something a little different try some of these sea inspired hair accessories. Barrettes and wraps are and easy way to get that breezy,beautiful beach hair without missing a single wave.

Add the final touch to your beach chic look by learning a new hairstyle. Braids are fun and easy with so many new styles to learn. The fishtail braid is always popular, accent with your favorite head wrap or hat to create your beach chic style.

Celebrate your day off by heading to the beach in style! We’d love to hear some of your favorite beach accessories!

Summer Heat, Summer Beat & Cold Drinks

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Summer heat has everyone looking for ways to cool off and kickback . Here are some perfect drink recipes to guarantee people are talking about your party well into the fall- a perfect excuse to round up your friends and catch up on everyone’s latest summer travels. Try something fresh with this fruity Sangria recipe, courtesy of Bianca Torres and Casey Kopchinski.

1.5 bottle of dry white wine

4 cups of Berry Seltzer

2 20oz bottles of Green Tea

2 cups of frozen berries

2 cups of frozen peaches

1 added .5 cup of orange liquor

If you are still looking for something crisp, Mojitos are the fix. This drink is the perfect blend of sugar and spice that will leave all your guests purely delighted.

6 ounces of light rum

12 mint springs or 8 roughly broken apart

6 tablespoons of sugar

4 slices of Lime

top off with Club Soda

No summer party is complete without a fresh glass of  Lemonade, so make sure to include this lime twisted cocktail as part of  your drink menu. Try this awesome recipe, appropriately named Absolutly Fabulous.

3 ounces of Lemonade

1 ounce of Lime

3 ounces of Orange Juice

2 ounces of Peach Schnapps

2 ounces of Absolut Vodka

If your guests are left wanting an unusual dessert give them something with a punch- adult popsicles are always a hit! We found some great drink ideas in the book Perfect Pops by Charity Ferreira. Make sure to check it out.

We would love to hear some more of your favorite summer drink recipes, so please send them our way!

Fashion Forward Friday: Forever Floral

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Flowers are popping up everywhere this season, and are no longer just found in your garden.

Floral is finding a distinctive place in the fashion world this summer, from the runway to the streets, summer dresses are a must have addition to any wardrobe.

Brides have already caught on to this bold trend. Add a small broche or take a risk by incorporating floral throughout your gown. This is a trend you don’t want to miss.

This trend is sparing no one. Cakes have caught on quickly as well. Integrate your bridal colors and floral designs into your cake. Everyone will not only love the way it tastes, but will be in awe of its beautiful creative design.

For the bridal party looking to spruce up their look, add a unique touch by incorporating floral into your up-do or nails. Make a statement by adding flowers in unexpected places.

If you are looking to get inspired and haven’t quite discovered your floral scape, check out Flowers for the Home: Inspiration from the World by Prudence Designs, an interesting read for anyone looking for some fresh insight.

“I’d rather have flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck.” Emma Goldman

Fe Fi Fo Fum! Garden Parties Make Childhood Fun

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Creating a child’s party is easier than you think. Below we will share some tips on planning and executing a relaxed afternoon full of laughter and simple entertaining. Our garden party theme can easily be recreated by anyone. Gather the children and their friends, and get ready for some delicious treats and fun activities. Everyone will enjoy the beautiful day you have planned for them.

Think green and fun, but remember to make it a learning experience as well. Lessons seen, lessons learned. Select a variety of different vegetable and fruit seeds from your local gardening store and have the kids plant them in the garden for a fun party activity.

We decided to buy local and organic produce. This way, we could teach the importance of helping local farmers and eating healthy, yummy fresh foods.

When selecting our menu, we thought about the foods we could grow in our own garden, to help show the kids the fun in eating what you grow yourself. Here are a few tips on ways to incorporate the garden party food theme into a delicious menu.

Keep it simple. Serving fresh fruits and vegatables is child friendly. An easy and healthy way to fill bellies and allow for a quick grab and go as they play in the yard.

Who doesn’t love butterflies? Serve cucumber sandwiches and PB&J’s made with fresh local raspberry preserves and organic peanut butter. Use a cookie cutter to create unique shapes that kids will love. Check out our awesome butterfly sandwiches.

Don’t forget the best part of any meal! All kids love dessert. Serve a delicious apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. And don’t worry about the mess- that’s the beauty of being outside!

Incorporate a favorite childhood story and find your eager audience captivated as they bask in the gorgeous sun. This is an excellent way to get kids involved in your theme. Jack and the Bean Stalk set the tone for our afternoon garden party.  Once our story was read, magic beans were passed out and the kids couldn’t wait to plant theirs in the nearby garden.

Guests loved taking home their own personal packet of seeds, embellished gloves and matching shovel. Shouts of laughter and overwhelming joy filled the air. The idea of creating their own garden at home was more than the children could bear. Smiles spread on everyone’s faces as we soaked in the success of an easy day.

Nothing compares to a beautiful breeze, brilliant sun, and butterfly fun…

~We want to give a special thanks to Sweet Tea Photography, for joining us on this beautiful afternoon and photographing all these lovely pictures. You can reach Lisa Marie at SweetTeaPhotographybyLisaMarie.com~

Fashion Forward Friday- Loving Lace

Lace, when done right, can add a hint of elegance and romance to your style. It can be playful as well as classic, but remember there are many different styles and patterns. Be sure not to overdo it or you may end up looking like your grandmother’s curtains!

Lace isn’t just for your wardrobe- if you’re a bride, look to incorporate lace into other elements of your wedding. Bring a swatch of  lace from your wedding dress and have your cake designer recreate the pattern for your cake.

Lace is Beautiful and timeless, just like you!

Lace Dress photographed by stockholmestreetstyle

Black and white lace cake found on Real Simple

Creative Gift Ideas for the Trendsetting Mom

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“Now you will understand how much I love you”… these are the words that come to mind when I think of my mom, and of my daughter together in the same thought. These are the words that my mom wrote to me on the occassion of my daughter’s birth. These words didn’t really sink in until we had our new baby home for a few days. My husband, baby daughter and I were driving home after a visit with grandma and suddenly I burst into tears. Aside from thinking I was crazy, my husband looked at me and gently asked me… what’s wrong, dear? I don’t even remember anything past that because at THAT moment my heart was so FULL it smooshed up into my ears. Now that we have another baby on the way… my little niece aka Baby Charles, my sister has been inspired in a whole new way. I think there is something special about Mother’s Day, when you are anticipating motherhood. Here are a few finds from the thoughtful, trendsetting, Fashionista mommy-to-be… Enjoy!

IT’S a Book SHELF or wait… is it??

“I paint people’s ideal bookshelves: your favorite books, books that changed your life, books that made you who you are.
Picking your ideal books is not an easy task (try it!). I think of this project as an intimate form of portraiture; a way to illustrate who the subject is on the inside instead of out. I love that a book is something created very personally and then mass-produced in order to affect many other people very personally. I paint them to turn them back into something very personal and intimate.” ~ Jane Mount

What an amazing way to turn back time. Preserve your mother’s and your favorite childhood memories or capture the new moments of motherhood that are being created today. To order your ideal bookshelf visit www.etsy.com/shop/janemount or idealbookshelf.typepad.com.

CANDY it’s not just for babies… well, we would say not really unless it’s a special occassion and it’s organic without all of that yucky corn stuff… oh but we digress… it’s Mom Candy

from Wall Candy…http://www.wallcandyarts.com/

Chalkboard Rococo Decal Help your mom find inspiration around every corner. She will love this stylish chalkboard decal in her kitchen or living room. Add a sentimental quote or a loving note to give it your own personal touch.

Love, Love, Love…

Does your mom love spending her days working in the garden? For the mother with a green thumb, this is the ideal gift. This unique vintage spoon which she can be placed in a potted plant or flower bed, is hand-stamped with your word of choice. Here’s to a sunny, garden filled mother’s day!

“It was easy to confuse my mother with my guardian angel” ~ Dennis Soams

This sentimental book is an excellent gift for any mom. Packed full of beautiful quotes, this is a definite way to touch your mother’s heart. Some of our other favorites include Happily Grateful and She.

This beautiful plate speaks for itself.

“‘We are most alive,’ wrote Thornton Wilder, ‘when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.’

This is the gift- to hear and enjoy life’s music everywhere. To be more aware of what we have that what we don’t have. To appreciate again and again all the wonderful things in life that money can’t buy- the wind in your hair, the sun on your face; a child’s laughter, a loving family, a great friend.

Truly, there is something in every day and in every season to celebrate with thanksgiving. In the end, of course, it’s not what we have in our life, but who we have in our life that brings us joy.”

We are grateful to all of the mother’s who have touched a child’s life. Your compassion, joy, friendship, and kindness is the true gift.

Wishing you a happy and blessed Mother’s day.

Fashion Forward Friday: Step into Style in Stripes

Moschino– Runway, Spring Collection 2011

Prada– Runway, Spring Collection 2011

Stripes are in style this Spring, but remember to mix it up for a fresh, flirty look. Whether it be a night out on the town, or added flare to your special event, stripes look great with floral, polka-dots, and many other interesting patterns.

Picture Provided by House Beautiful

Don’t forget to incorporate bold colors! The brighter, the better- beautiful fashion easily transcends into home decor, event design and your own personal style. Don’t be shy- this is the season to shine in stripes!

Invitation Photo provided by Mint Design Blog

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